Why should you choose steel?

Steelwork is one of the most advanced technologies that goes beyond the construction’s limits deriving from the traditional building materials. The properties of steel allow efficient connections, adaptability to other prefabricated elements, a high strength-to-weight ratio value, reduced construction time and the ability to cover large spaces.

Speed of construction. A steel structure is made of prefabricated elements transported from the production area to the assembly site.

Changes in progress. It is possible to modify the structure or a part of it right during the assembly phase, adapting the elements to a new needs or contingencies.

Flexibility and stability. Steel has great resistance to every kind of stress and its elasticity greatly limits possible structural breaks.

Safety and duration. Steel structures are solid and safe, fire and earthquake resistant, and guarantee extremely long-lasting results over time.

Aesthetic value. Steel makes possible to incorporate linear and curved elements and combine itself with other materials for creating with style, originality and visual impact.

Environmental sustainability. Metal is a 100% recyclable material: choosing metal as a building material means making a commitment to sustainable development.

Our innovative approach aims for excellence

We constantly invest in R&D to stay on the cutting edge of materials and production processes, as well as to grow in awareness and professionalism. Only in this way, we can offer the best possible solutions that meet the customer’s goals and needs.

We certify each of our steel work and structures

Thanks to our certifications, we do not have any design limits: each one of our structures represents a tailoring work, complete in all of its functionalities, in accordance with DM 17.01.2018 “Technical rules for Constructions” and the related aseismic normative.

With professionalism, experience and authority, we certify the safety and compliance of our steel works from the perspective of quality and stability.