Design and construction of steel works with high performance in terms of seismic safety, durability and eco-efficiency in harmony with the surrounding architectural context.

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Design and construction of steel structures and equipment to improve the production process and optimize space within an industrial plant.

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Design and construction of steel works and structures to meet the specific and often complex needs of buildings for commercial use.

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Nodo is the new brand of design and manufacturing of steelwork in civil, industrial and commercial fields with sound and acknowledged expertise in the relevant markets.

High quality steel construction

We design and realize construction in civil and industrial fields using steel structures capable to create complex, resistant, safety and long lasting works.

An integrated system by a single contact

Nodo is the single contact to carry out and coordinate all phases of a project, from the design to the turnkey work, using the best materials available and the best performing technologies.

Turnkey customization

Our bespoke service includes design and manufacturing, installation and testing, pre-sales and post-sales technical assistance.


We certify full compliance with regulations, safety and conformity of each structure, from the point of view of quality and stability.

High-precision metal carpentry

We develop bespoke ideas from designs and renderings, with high-precision software and systems, made in-house by our experienced staff members.

50over 50 years' experience

Our steel works improve people's quality of life

We offer the right resources, skills, and opportunities to work on the quality of spaces and get the best performance from our buildings.










Resta sempre aggiornato con i nostri articoli di approfondimento.

Non è il cemento, non è il legno, non è la pietra, non è l'acciaio, non è il vetro l'elemento più resistente. Il materiale più resistente nell'edilizia è l'arte.

Gio Ponti

I materiali dell'urbanistica sono il sole, gli alberi, il cielo, l'acciaio, il cemento, in questo ordine gerarchico e indissolubile.

Le Corbusier

Scrivo queste parole nell'acciaio, poiché nulla che non sia scritto nel metallo può essere affidabile.

Brandon Sanderson

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