A team of professionals and cutting-edge technology in steel carpentry

50Years' experience

Nodo is the brand of design and manufacturing of steelwork in civil, commercial and industrial fields that already boasts a solid and recognized expertise in these two reference areas.

Nodo was born from the fusion of its own professionalism with that of two excellences of made in Italy: people, expertise, methodologies and processes come together with renewed passion for working and business solidity.

The acquisition of BFTM’s commercial, technical and production steelwork business and the Omaz brand for the trademark of Omaz for poultry facilities design and manufacturing allows Nodo to approach the two markets already as a global industry leader.

We follow our clients along all the necessary steps for the realization of functional and bespoke products, starting from the needs analysis to the certified installation that complies with current regulations for stability and reliability.

Our design phase is a tailoring job

We perform evaluation studies and structural calculations for customized technical design in every detail. Each element is entirely designed and manufactured at our factories in Italy, combining traditional artisanship and technological innovation.

We are a single contact capable of guaranteeing and coordinating turnkey service: we take care of design, workshop production, installation, testing, pre- and post-sales technical assistance, using the best available materials and the best performing technologies.

Our innovative approach aims for excellence

We constantly invest in R&D to stay on the cutting edge of materials and production processes, as well as to grow in awareness and professionalism. Only in this way, we can offer the best possible solutions that meet the customer’s goals and needs.

We certify each of our steel work and structures

Thanks to our certifications, we do not have any design limits: each one of our structures represents a tailoring work, complete in all of its functionalities, in accordance with DM 17.01.2018 “Technical rules for Constructions” and the related aseismic normative.

With professionalism, experience and authority, we certify the safety and compliance of our steel works from the perspective of quality and stability.

We are a team of professionals and cutting-edge technology in steel carpentry, capable of meeting customers’ demands with customized solutions.