The Glass

The Glass

NODO reinvents the glass in a contemporary way making it protagonist of whatever interior and exterior furnishings, for structural and decorative use. With style.

Glass has always fascinated for its lightness and transparency: glass aesthetic, functional and design characteristics become a source of inspiration for architects and designers.

However according to widespread opinion, people consider glass a beautiful but fragile element, valuable but not very reliable.

The glass processed with our technology becomes a very resistant building material, suitable as structural element not only as coating element.

For its products, Nodo uses a “sandwich” compound made of two layers of laminated glass alternating with two intermediate layers of a structural plastic material containing very high definition print. This layered structure allows glass to maintain its feature even in case of breaking and to increase the maximum load capacity, also gives it security features. Moreover the intermediate layer enhances sound insulation, resists humidity and UV rays.

The Product

NODO personalize laminated glass design elements by very high quality resolution pictures to make your private and business space precious: style figuration play with light to transform living space into fine jewels...

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