The Product

High quality

NODO personalize laminated glass design elements by very high quality resolution pictures to make your private and business space precious: style figuration play with light to transform living space into fine jewels. Bathroom furniture, bathtubs and shower box, kitchens and living rooms, wainscoting and coatings, dividing walls, doors, stairs, structural elements, curtain walls and roofs are designed and manufactured around the image that more than any other is up to enhance their value.

From architecture to industrial design, our product lends itself to infinite applications -from the single piece of furniture to the complete furnishing- for domestic and workspaces, public buildings and meeting places, restaurants and hotels, sports and wellness center, etc.

NODO creates a very original union between tradition and innovation by using a new technology for one of the most ancient building materials, giving back to the glass to being the protagonist in design sector. This is an entirely “Made in Italy” innovative product, from design to marketing, from the single row materials to the production process: it comes from our own expertise which makes it recognizable as an Italian product.

The manufacturing of the finished product goes through a long preparation process and a series of complex and delicate passages that need maximum accuracy: the procedure developed by structural engineers, mechanical engineers and architects wasstandardized thanks to a long experimentation and an important investment of professional resources.

1. Design

The design phase include the design of the furnishing element (table, door, piece of furniture, etc.) and the creation of the pattern with related printing tests, before becoming the definitive graphic project in which the pattern marries its furnishing element.

2. Print

The film is thermally treated in several cycles for different periods of time, then it receives the last heat treatment which involves a much lower excursion than the previous one: this operative procedure is necessary to let the color penetrate inside the film and to give the pattern a unique print definition.

3. Glass treatment

Before being coupled to the film in an aseptic conditioned room, every glass plate is cut, ground –and possibly drilled-, washed with demineralized water and tempered. The pre-coupled product enters a hardware and software customized special furnace that makes use of variable temperatures and rise, fall and parking times, according to the printed films, to the colors used, to shapes and dimensions of the product.

4. Check, Packaging and shipment

The finished product undergoes quality tests to verify the lack of the smallest imperfection, assembling and/or gluing processes, analysis of compliance to the original project.

NODO carefully packs the finished product and sends it directly to the customer.