NODO creates personalized subjects, designed according to the context in which they are settled in and reproduces patterns of any shape and size upon request, suggesting the most appropriate setting to realize an emotional product.

Our designers are constantly engaged in creating original designs and decorations in order to enrich our catalogues with brand new motifs featured by strong identity and fine contemporary style.

We provide our customers with a team of professional photographers for photographic reports in order to reproduce any subject on any type of surface without size limits, from a tea table to a curtain wall of a building. The professional photographers take photoshoots with high definition latest generation digital equipment like 50MP Hasselblad camera.

We suggest our pattern lines combined with the single product for which we designed them, leaving our customers the maximum freedom to express their own preferences and tastes.

Imagination and personalization are unlimited: out technology allows us to reproduce any kind of image, portrait, illustration, photo and theme faithfully.

The pattern is printed and inserted inside a laminated glass element on a transparent, white milk or white diffuser film, to decorate and illuminate any place indoors and outdoors. In presence of a light source, the white diffuser film allows light to be distributed over the entire decoration that lights up evenly.

Differently from what happens to the most common glass printing techniques, the “print in glass” tecnology does not loose image definition, does not suffer from discoloration effects caused by time, by mechanical actions and by atmospheric agents, it does not require maintenance.

Signed patterns

We offer to our customers signed patterns by the most popular photographers and painters of our territory: we turn the prestigious works by Sandro Visca, Franco Summa, Luciano D’Angelo, Albano Paolinelli, into truly exclusive furnishing elements. In that way, real signed works of art become “eternal”.

entirely designed by the artists, furnishing and design elements are born with its own art work already set, in order to create a limited collection with original certificate authenticated by the artist’s signature.

Luciano D'Angelo

Known for his artistic sensitivity that allowed him to tell the world through his pictures and for an inexhaustible curiosity careful to pick up something interesting or a particular light, he was able to capture the true essence of distant Countries as well as his land with photo shoots and reports of his travel, immortalizing fascinating moments of nature, history, culture. Every trip he did is also a journey into photography.

His talent lies in the ability of recognizing the extraordinary appearance of subjects and situations that few people could grasp and even in the ability of creating “beauty” in the fleeting moment.

His photos have a great iconographic strength; they possess a soul and an unusual light. Behind each one, there is a unique artistic and artisan work.

Albano Paolinelli

Paolinelli’s “Places” are pictorial works that become material: real three-dimensional settings where one has the perception of getting in.

In his places, different from classic foreshortenings and landscapes, nature finds lost things and recovers them through new architectures that interlace surfaces and architectures.

He “De-constructs” and looks over, generating a new system as a contemporary world summary, producing personal and social valuable contents that stimulate deep reflections.

His art amuses by playing with ideas, images and colors through the route of continuous innovation. Shapes repeat themselves, the drawing is recognizable but themes are always different.