The node has a strong symbolic value that has belonged to our culture for centuries. We have chosen the node as the emblem of the strong bond with our territory and with the artistic personalities that it has conceived, but for us it also represents a commitment: a promise of loyalty in the sense of company reliability, product authenticity and respect for our customers.

The idea was born while walking through the streets of Seville, where you cannot notice the expression “NO8DO” wherever you look on: it is the symbol of the Andalusian city that has its origins in the thirteenth century, during the reign of King Alfonso X “The Wise” that was more interested in favoring the arts than in managing the Country.

Following the great Castilian economic and politic crisis generated by his government, his son Sancho stood against him and became the new king of Spain. Alfonso X sheltered in Seville, the only city remained faithful to him and Sancho decided not to attack that city to let the elderly father living peacefully his life until the end.

Grateful to Seville for its loyalty, Alfonso X decided to make the city immortal with that honorific symbol that we still see today.

The syllables “NO” and “DO” enclose a “madeja” (literally a ball of wool) that is represented by “8” in the middle. Full read in Spanish “NO8DO” becomes “no me ha dejado” that means “it didn’t give me up”.


Born to create an innovative product to furnish a space in a unique way, NODO presents itself on the market in 2019 as a young, flexible and brilliant company, reliable at the same time, thanks to the expertise gained by its founders in design, glass and printing sectors.

The passion for research and technology allowed us to develop and market laminated glass design products, very high definition internally printed, for the building and furnishing sector.

NODO uses the original registered patent named “Print in Glass” to print “inside” the glass, that is the exclusive official partner.

We make the single piece of furniture and we offer an interior studio too, designing your space in a functional and comfortable way, defining pattern combinations to give unity to style and form.

NODO experiments with new forms of creativity that turn into a new style of living, to make your private and business space precious as never before.